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The Childhood Obesity Epidemic: A Parent’s Responsibility! The epidemic in childhood obesity presents a large and growing threat to our nation’s health.  However, there is much that parents can do and are doing to provide valuable information. Here in the United States 1 out of 3 children and teens are considered either overweight or obese. This number has more than tripled from 1971-2017 making childhood obesity the #1 health concern of parents. According to clinical RN monthly, obesity predisposes children and adolescents to a host of serious medical conditions, including insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Many also develop sleep apnea, which can affect their ability to learn. Other factors include musculoskeletal pulmonary and endocrine disorders that without intervention will threaten their lifespan. Along with those disorders, there are many mental and emotional factors such as depression, body dysmorphia, and social isolation that may affect your overweight...