img_kieltyBobby Kielty
Boston Red Sox

“I have been playing professional baseball for the last seven years. During off-season workouts I have always trained by myself. I didn’t realize how much more there is in training for a sport until I started working with Brian Richardson. The new ideas that he has brought forth have kept my body at a world-class level. Through functional training he has optimized my power pound for pound through rotational and linear exercises. By going through his program I have become a stronger more agile athlete.

“Baseball is a game of seconds. By working with Brian he has made these seconds seem longer by enabling me to become quicker as well as more explosive. I would strongly recommend any young athlete to start training with Brian to optimize his/her future in the sport that they play.”

img_tomTom Pernice Jr.
PGA Tour Professional

“I have trained with Kevin in the off-season for the last 3 years and I couldn’t be happier with my results.  He has helped me gain strength and maintain my flexibility while preparing for the upcoming season.

Kevin’s overall knowledge of golf and how it can be improved through exercise can greatly improve any golfer at any level.”

img_drkenDr. Ken Toy
Palomar Village Chiropractic

“Having an extensive background in sports medicine, I am very skeptical when it comes to choosing a personal trainer.  Brian is very knowledgeable with his training in kinesiology and as a prior elite athlete.  Whether you want to improve your core, lose weight, build mass or increase your athletic potential, I highly recommend Brian.”

img_ArtArt Santore
5x World Champion
Team Quest

After competing in Mixed Martial Arts for 9 years (18W-6L 5x World Champion), I’ve seen the sport which was once compared to human cock fighting become the fastest growing sport in the world. Finally the training has also surpassed your cross training fitness programs that cause injuries without any improvements in fight development. Dynamic Fitness helps you advance the necessary skills such as hand and eye coordination, body flexibility, overall strength as well as nutrition. Dynamic Fitness is where the future world champions are equipped.