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You like to run and like to compete in events such as marathons, triathlons, and Obstacle Course Races (OCR).

And you work hard.

But you don’t always get the results you’d hoped for. You wonder what’s gone wrong. Laziness is not the issue. You put in the hours and log the miles.

You never quit. You always give your best. You push through pain.

You even get to the gym every once in a while because you’ve heard cross-training is a good thing.

You bring the same discipline to your training as you do to work. That’s why you’re such a success at work.

But you’d like to get faster at races. After all, you like to win — at everything.

In the end, it’s all about the numbers and beating the next guy.

But guess what? You are neglecting the most important thing:

Getting Strong

I know, I know. You don’t want to end up like the muscle-bound bodybuilder you see at the gym who gets out of breath walking from the car to the locker room. But did you ever notice he can do more pull-ups than you?

What you need is a sensible strength plan, hand-crafted for the runner, triathlete, or OCR competitor that you are.

Working Hard Is Not Enough

You need expert guidance from a professional professional who understands gait and biomechanics.

I’m Brian Richardson and I’m no stranger to strength and conditioning.

I’ve represented the United States in seven world championships and the Pan Am Games.

I’ve also written for top fitness publications.

I earned a master’s degree in kinesiology that allows me to provide a complete orthopedic assessment to customize your programming.

My specialty is injury prevention.

You can read my complete biography here.

And I say: you’re not crazy to NOT want to train like a bodybuilder. Those rock hard abs can actually hurt respiratory ventilation. That’s something your average trainer may not even know. Chances are he hates running and thinks you should focus on getting a six pack and big biceps.

But it’s hard to get faster if can’t even make it to the starting line thanks to nagging injuries. Our expertise can get you out of the injury cycle and onto the winner’s platform.

But don’t just take word for it. Ask Polly.

“I’m a runner/triathlete and I developed a foot problem about a month out from Ironman Arizona 11/19/2017.

Prior to a 3x 3 mile better than race pace workout, I had been nursing some plantar fasciitis on my left foot. During the 3rd set of the workout something went terribly wrong. I had shooting stabbing pain on the inside of my left heal. However, bc I am who I am, I didn’t stop. I finished but could barely walk after. That night I called Brian @dynamicfitness and he fast tracked me into the schedule the next day.

He worked with me 3x a week and I followed directions. I stayed off of it only testing it on short runs. It was getting better and I was able to execute a solid 4 mile brick run off a 100 mile bike ride at a 7:40 pace 10 days out of race day. I pushed the next day and ran again only to re-injure.

Still rehabbing and strengthening with Brian I was able to get it back to walkable and I tried one more run before race day. Pain was slight so I shut it down and waited for race day.

My confidence going into the race was down bc of the lack of running miles leading up, but I was able to climb up the field to 5th place with my run during the race. I ran a solid run pain free thanks to Brian Richardson at Dynamic Fitness. Thank you for working your magic!”


What You Will Learn In Our Program

You will discover:

  • Which strength exercises to do that actually improve your mental fortitude and make you smarter about getting faster
  • Which specific strength exercise to do twice a week to improve strength and stability exactly where you need it
  • Which pattern of food intake can improve stored glycogen to double or triple its normal capacity

It all adds up to what you want: faster times and better results.

You will:

Improve VO2 potential.

Prevent bonking.

Deflect injury.

Correct muscle imbalances.

Restore balance.

Increase stability.

Strengthen muscle slings.

Improve and build upon endurance adaptations.

Target specific muscle fiber types.

Enhance buffering capacity.

Stave off glycogen depletion.

Learn Glycogen supercompensation.

Maximize dietary intake specific to endurance events.

Enhance stored sugars by 2-3%.

“I’m LOVING the strength and mobility training I’ve been doing courtesy of Dynamic Fitness HPK! I have seen such a difference with my overall running economy as well as my endurance. The team at DF has an amazing wealth of knowledge and practical application. Thanks guys!” – Melissa

Get The PRs You Deserve By Running Smarter and Faster

Stop wasting time with mix and match programs from magazines or books.
Stop the nagging injuries that prevent progress.
Stop working hard only to end up disappointed at the results.

Start getting faster by getting stronger.
Start getting the expert advice go need.
Start getting the times you deserve.

It all starts with a free 30-minute consultation about how fast you want to get how soon. If you’re serious and willing to put in the work, we may have a match.